In order to subscribe you need to be at least 21 years old, you must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record, and you have to be able to make  payments for the subscriptions you apply for.   If you decide to purchase a subscription on our platform we will conduct a real time credit check (which will not affect your credit score).  Unless included in your subscription plan, you will need to show adequate proof of insurance before taking possession of the car.

You are able to search through the available subscriptions to apply for the ones you like. After you submit a request to subscribe for a certain Fleet, we will run a real time credit check (which will not affect your credit) and your request may be denied if you have insufficient credit for that particular subscription. If denied you will be prompted to select a less expensive subscription plan or contact Currux. When your subscription is successfully processed, which should not take more than 10 seconds, we will charge your selected payment method for the first month's Subscription Fee. We will continue to charge the Subscription Fee as it becomes due monthly. For Pay By Mile subscription plans subscribers will be charged for miles traveled during the subscription period plus any applicable flat monthly fees.  Please see our Subscription Terms and Conditions Agreement to see what other costs may be charged.

Currux may list vehicles on the Platform that will become available for subscription and these are called Model Cars. We want to know what vehicles our Users want and if you request a subscription for a Model Car we will seek to find a Fleet Manager that can provide such vehicle for subscription. As soon as requested Model Car is available on the Platform we will notify you that you are able to subscribe to this vehicle.

Some Fleet Managers may provide certain Benefits together with their Fleet such as maintenance, insurance and concierge. You are free to choose whether you will subscribe to any of these Benefits, but some fleet may limit your options.
Concierge is provided by some Fleet Managers and they serve as your personal chauffeur for a pre-determined number of hours per day depending on the plan you subscribe to. They are available only within certain time during the day and you utilize their services by using our digital Trip Planer on the Platform. Simply enter your route and schedule, request concierge for that trip and concierge will pick you up and drop you off as planned.

You will take all reasonable care in handling and parking the vehicle, and make sure the vehicle is left securely locked when not in use. You are also responsible for maintenance of the vehicles. If maintenance is included in your subscription plan - routine maintenance, tire rotations, oil and filter changes, topping off fluid levels and inspections are covered by the Fleet Manager. Excess wear and tear such as small scratches, dings, dents, chipped windshields and worn tires is not covered under the maintenance plan and can be purchased for an additional $29.99 per month.  Subscriber is responsible for any toll charges incurred during the subscription period.  Fleet Manager will charge any accrued toll charges to the Subscriber's account plus a Processing Fee of $5.00.   

You will have to service the vehicle only at authorized service facilities. If you are unsure where to take your vehicle for service, please contact your Fleet Manager.

You are solely responsible for all damage or loss caused to others. You agree to provide auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you and Fleet Manager. You will have to insure the vehicle either through the Benefits offered by the Fleet Manager, Currux platform or independently.
If you choose to acquire the insurance independently the insurance has to be comparable to Fleet Managers insurance if offered. In any case Fleet Manager has the right to decline to provide the Fleet if the insurance you acquired is not satisfactory. You will provide the Fleet Manager with the insurance no later than in the moment of pick-up of the Fleet.
At the very least your insurance policy must cover the following minimum limits:
  • $30,000 for each injured person.
  • $60,000 for injuries per incident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.
Your Fleet will be made available for your pickup within 7 business days of the approval of your subscription request. In case the Fleet Manager is late with making the vehicles available, you have the option to terminate the subscription and your subscription will be refunded net of Currux charges.
You will need to drop-off the vehicles as requested by the Fleet Manager on the first day after the expiry of the subscription term. If you are more than 7 days late with drop-off, we will assume you have embezzled the vehicles and Fleet Managers may take appropriate legal actions.
You may be charged late fees for each day you are late dropping-off the vehicles according to Fleet Manager rates.

Each vehicle in the Fleet has a limit of 15,000 miles per 12 months. If you exceed this limit, Fleet Managers will charge additional $0.29 per mile.  For Pay By Mile subscription plans,  subscribers will be charged for each mile traveled during the subscription term at fleet specific rates.

If you want to terminate your subscription prior to the expiry of the Subscription period you will need to pay Early Termination Fee. Early Termination Fee is in the amount of one monthly Subscription Fee for subscription plans of 6 months and less, two monthly Subscription Fees for one year subscription plans and three monthly Subscription Fees for two year subscription plans and longer. A minimum of three months applies to all Subscription periods.  Early Termination Fee does not replace monthly Subscription Fee that is due for the month in which the subscription is terminated. For Pay-By-Mile subscription plans the monthly Subscription Fee includes average monthly mileage charges incurred during the period.  The same fees apply to each individual Subscriber in Joint Subscriptions. Early Termination Fee is due immediately, on the day of termination.

Some Fleets may have an option for multiple simultaneous Subscriptions. When you opt in for a multiple subscription you will have one (1) hour for other Subscribers that you invited to join your Fleet to join the Joint Subscription. In the event that at the end of the hour the subscribers you invited to join your Fleet failed to complete purchase of the Joint Subscription on their end the Joint Subscription will not take place.
Fleet Manager may offer a promotion for their Fleets which will include additional promotional period during which other Subscribers may join your subscription. When Fleet Managers offer a promotion, you will be able to choose a number of Subscribers, and during the promotion period, you will pay the Subscription Fee as if all Subscribers have joined the subscription. You will be able to invite people to join the subscription and to accept or decline requests to join the subscription. If you fail to find enough Subscribers for the selected Joint Subscription, the subscription will be adjusted for the actual number of Subscribers for your Fleet at the end of the promotion period.
Joint Subscribers have an equal share of the Fleet. That means that all Subscribers can use the Fleet equally. It is very important that all Subscribers agree on the use of the Fleet so as to prevent any future disputes and follow CURRUX policies. We strongly encourage you to use our Trip Planer in order to schedule trips and efficiently manage overlapping trips and schedules. Neither Subscriber in Joint Subscription may use the vehicle in a way that would prevent the other Subscribers from enjoying their subscription to the fullest considering the number of the Subscribers.
We encourage Joint Subscribers to review CURRUX policies to determine how and when they may use the Fleet. Subscribers should always try to resolve amicably any scheduling or usage conflicts resulting from Joint Subscription. Unless agreed otherwise between Subscribers the following shall apply:
  • all vehicle maintenance costs (oil, brakes, belts, chains, filters…) are shared amongst the Subscribers proportionally to the mileage incurred by each Subscriber unless provided and paid for by the Fleet Manager.
  • Vehicle cleaning costs are shared amongst the Subscribers equally
  • neither Subscriber will leave the vehicle to other Subscribers with less than ¼ of the tank full or with less than ½ of the battery for electric vehicles.
  • each Subscriber will clean the vehicle after its use, and they will not leave the vehicle dirty (interior or exterior) for other Subscribers.
  • Subscriber who had to clean the vehicle before use because other Subscriber left it dirty will be reimbursed by such Subscriber for the actual costs of cleaning.
  • Subscriber may transfer pets and other animals only in accordance with these Terms and with prior permission from other Subscribers. Violation of this provision may have medical consequences in case of severe allergic reactions.
  • if either Subscriber wants to occupy the vehicle for 8 hours or longer they will have to obtain prior permission from all other Subscribers.
  • all Subscribers will respect the schedule from the Trip Planer unless such schedule is not in compliance with this Agreement (for example if the Subscriber did not obtain prior permission for longer trips).
  • Subscribers will not allow the vehicles to be operated by anyone who is not an Authorized Driver or who is not fit to drive (intoxicated, incapacitated, does not possess or hold a valid driving license…)
  • Emergency situations (such as family or work emergency) will entitle the Subscriber in that situation with the priority in the use of the vehicles.
  • Any accessory left in the vehicle shall remain in the sole property of the Subscriber who placed it there, and other Subscribers may not use such accessory before obtaining prior permission.
  • Accessories which limit the use of vehicle (such as designated seats for children) shall be removed before leaving the vehicle for other Subscribers unless agreed otherwise.
Vehicles may not be used for carriage of passengers for hire or reward unless the vehicle is hired with the knowledge of the Fleet Manager for use in a passenger service licensed under appropriate laws. The driver of the vehicle must carry a valid driver license at all times.
Without limiting, you will especially not:
  • Sublet or hire the vehicle to any person;
  • Permit the vehicle to be operated without his or her authority. If the vehicle is operated by someone other than the Subscriber, the Subscriber shall be responsible for actions taken by such driver;
  • Operate the vehicle, or permit it to be operated, in circumstances that constitute an offense by the driver;
  • Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest;
  • Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated to tow or propel any other vehicle;
  • Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated for the transport of more than the number of passengers or more than the weight of the goods specified in the certificate of the loading of the vehicle;
  • Drive or permit the vehicle to be driven by any other person if at the time of driving the vehicle the Subscriber of the vehicle is not the holder of the current full drivers license appropriate for the vehicle.
  • Smoke in the vehicle. There is a no-smoking policy in all vehicles unless otherwise specified by the Fleet Manager. A $150.00 grooming fee will be charged if the subscriber is in breach of the no-smoking policy.
  • Operate the vehicle while using handheld devices.
  • Violate any applicable motor vehicle laws, speed limits, codes, and regulations.
  • Operate the vehicle or permit it to be operated on unpaved roads;
  • Transport pets in vehicles outside of designated transport cages or special seats. A $150.00 grooming fee will be charged if the subscriber is in breach of this rule. No pet over 50lbs of weight may be transported in the vehicles. If the Fleet is subscribed by Joint Subscription, all Subscribers must agree to the transport of pets;
  • Transport any dangerous substance or substance whose possession, transport or use requires special permits without such permit.
You agree to abide to all safety regulations, including seat belts and child safety restraints and equipment.
You will not undertake any repairs or salvage without the authority of the Fleet Manager except to the extent that the repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle or other property.
You will ensure that no person interferes with the distance recorder or speedometer or, except in an emergency, any part of the engine, transmission, and braking or suspension system of the vehicle.

You can reach using the contact form on the site, by email to admin@currux.com or call us at 713- 955-6185.