Introduction to Car Subscriptions / Currux

Introduction to Car Subscriptions / Currux


May 19, 2018. By Alex Colosivschi

Currux is a leader in the digital marketplace bringing auto dealers and consumers together to facilitate single and shared car subscriptions and purchasing of car subscriptions online in real time. This ensures a robust dealer economy while having the potential to reduce consumer cost 2-5 times when compared to individual car ownership.

Currux team built a state of the art digital platform that combines elements of digital shopping and identity verification, with shared economy and social selling.

What is a Car Subscription?

Similar to the way customers subscribe to a service like Netflix or YouTube Red, a carsubscription allows users to enjoy the benefits of having access to and using the car without the financial burden and hassle of having to actually purchase the vehicle. In our case,the cars are owned by our participating car dealers and fleet managers, and for a monthly fee subscribers can use these cars by themselves or with a joint subscriber.

How is this different from a lease?

Our subscription periods are generally shorter than a lease commitment, ranging from month-to-month to up to 36 months subscription periods. Therefore, the total financial commitment is lower. Also,with Currux what you see on our website iswhat you pay. There are no down payments, no sale tax on purchase or lease of the vehicle, and no other hidden fees that often significantly increase the overall monthly cost of purchasing or leasing a vehicle. With Currux there is also no waiting and no paperwork. Our customers can subscribe with a click of the button and all our agreements are electronic and can be viewed on the website.

Why do you need my Social Security Number?

Currux requires the Social Security Number in order to conduct a secure automated credit check. For security reasons we do not store the SSNs of our customers and our computer system uses SSNs exclusively for conducting an automated, computer based credit check with TransUnion and Experian. We only conduct the credit check when customer is actually purchasing a subscription.

Do I have to share my subscription or can I subscribe by myself?

All our customers can purchase single subscriptions. This means that only the person/family that purchases the subscription will have access to and use the car. No different from the way most people today purchase and use cars.

Why should I think about purchasing a joint subscription?

We give our customers the ability to significantly reduce their cost of car ownership by sharing the payments and car use with someone they already know. In general, in the US, a car is used only 4% of the time. Average monthly cost of a car in the US is $700 per month or $8,400 per year. Therefore, our customers have a significant opportunity to share a car and save large sums of money in the process. Joint car use can also help reduce pollution and traffic in our cities.

What do I need to purchase a subscription on Currux?

After selecting a car and a subscription plan, users will need to provide their name, address, SSN, valid Driver License number and a credit/debit card as a payment method. After clicking Subscribe our computer will verify that user has sufficient funds on the card to make the first monthly payment and we will simultaneously conduct a secure automated credit check with TransUnion and/or Experian. Usually, this entire process takes no longer than 5-10 seconds. If subscription is successful user will be redirected to subscriber home page and receive a confirmation email confirming successful subscription.

Before being able to take the possession of the vehicle subscriber will need show proof of insurance by uploading a copy of insurance card on Subscriber Profile Page in Currux.

If you have any further questions please consult our FAQ section or feel free to reach out to us using the LiveChat, our email ( or phone number (713-574-2240).


Our head office is based in Houston.



Is to make car ownership affordable and to reduce the environmental footprint of individual car ownership by providing a digital solution that simplifies and streamlines joint car ownership.


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