Noteworthy way to get a cheap monthly car rental in Houston

Noteworthy way to get a cheap monthly car rental in Houston


At least once everyone has faced the situation of being in a new town and searching for a long term car rental. Let's say you just got a job in another town or have been accepted into a university and you don't really know what to expect in the next couple of months. You can take a loan and buy a car or lease it, but you will be caught up in serious commitments. 

Another situation could be when your car gets destroyed in an accident, and you urgently need a new one. However, you don't want to take out another car loan, therefore you need an alternative option. That‘s when you can rely on Currux, a new car subscription service based in Houston, which is offering vehicles through a subscription.

Let's take a look at some average prices of popular monthly car rentals:

Model of car Average Rent Price Currux Subscription Price
Ford Focus $810/month $398/month
Chevrolet Cruze $770/month $410/month
Kia Rio LX $640/month $370/month
Toyota Corolla $930/month $420/month
Nissan Sentra $870/month $421/month


Currux offers car subscriptions as an alternative to traditional monthly car rentals, which are usually significantly more expensive. The service charges a flat monthly fee that bundles together all the disparate expenses of car ownerships, including insurance and maintenance. You can return the car at any time, either selecting a new one (but paying a small fee) or by canceling the subscription altogether.

Here are the strongest pros:

- No Down Payments. 

- No Long Term Commitments.

- No Maintenance Bills.

- Financial flexibility through easy contract termination.

- Free Delivery to your house. 



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